Eating fresh and quality food is something vital for our human body in order to work properly in our jobs, routines or even to do basic things like walking, running and workout sessions, in general, without food everything will fail inside our body. However, that is when we speak on a personal level, but what does happen if we scale that situation to a national or international point of view? How does securing food to the citizens of a country affects the nation’s stability? Well, in case you don’t know the answer to those questions, it’s time to figure it out, stay tuned.

Food supplies should be secured for every single individual in this world, however, that just would be possible in a perfect world where hunger and poverty don’t exist, and sadly, that kind of situation it’s very far away from reality, and sadly, a lot of governments and countries doesn’t seem to care about the importance of food security for the stability of the nation, and the consequences that it will come if proper actions are not taken at the time.

Let’s just put this in simple words, without food, our body can’t just work as it was intended to work, that means that we just can’t do what we are supposed to do in our jobs and that is a big problem since we don’t have enough energy to work while we are hungry or starving, and that will cause losses to the company, now, do a mental exercise, what could happen in a company if no one or at least the great majority of workers doesn’t have food security? It’s simple, no one will work under those circumstances which will lead to a massive collapse not only of that company, but also on the local economy since the impact will be massive, so food should be the first thing that every nation should protect and secure at all cost.


In a world or nation where hunger doesn’t exist (which means that food is secured for everyone) poverty levels will decrease since more jobs can be done by the homeless individuals that count with the knowledge but not wit the energies, and also with the food you can open great deals in terms of trading with other countries in exchange for other goods like minerals or other products that the nation might need, overall, it will boost the economy to insane levels.

Now, let’s think about the opposite… what does happens if a nation doesn’t bring up good plans for food security? It’s simple, no one will work, companies will be stranded, the local economy will collapse and poverty levels will increase due to a possible recession where everyone is in danger of starving. Moder nations MUST be careful while dealing with food security, otherwise, things could go wild and civil war or anarchism can be an alternative for the citizens, no one wants to suffer from starving situations, let’s share this wonderful message with everyone!

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