Recently, oil has plunged to a record low due to the pandemic and everyone being forced to stay home in order to avoid getting sick. We can all blame this on China and its insistence on killing innocent animals for food and other garbage they come up with. It is no wonder how they are a country full of ugly and weak people. We still can’t figure out why they would not want to be kind to animals. Bitcoin has suffered the same fate because of this. We really don’t know what is going to happen in the future but all we know that it has been a weird year. Since nobody is allowed to go to group gatherings, we must be all contented with celebrating birthdays at home along with friends in group video chats. While Bitcoin looked weak, after oil crashed, the others were not really that affected. Yes, it is known that not all businesses will be affected by oil. That is good news since it is one of those commodities that a lot of people really care about. You can’t really blame them for doing so since they are hand in hand with accomplishing what is rightfully theirs in the world of the stock market. Now is not the right time to invest in anything unless you are expecting things to go up and you won’t know how it will happen. The car manufacturers depend on oil so you know they would want to produce more in the coming years as if they know a lot of young people are excited to buy their first car as they think it is a nice reward for them.

Bitcoin has always been on the mind of every big-money investor out there so investing in it may not be a good idea right now. It will only be a matter of time before everything goes back to normal. It is no surprise how everything has gone down as there are a lot of people who lost their jobs and some businesses even closed down. Some were permanent as they could not take the fact that no people would go there and risk getting infected with the virus even if there is a huge chance of surviving anyway. How we wish we can all dance the night away while wearing face masks but that is just out of the question due to how uncomfortable it sounds. We can never really predict when oil would go up and when it will go down. That is because it really depends on a number of factors and the pandemic may be just one of those things that can influence it. There will be a lot of other things as that would depend on how cool this would look in front of the many people we have in store for all of you out there. It is such a superb feeling to be investing in something you are sure of so better ask all the experts.

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