Yes, the countries of The Gulf Cooperation Council stand tall Among The Top Food Wasters. The process of wasting food is a real challenge in this council. Various researches have been going understanding the real reasons for the food waster in these countries. Saudi Arabia is a major country where food is wasted a lot say about 427 kg of food. When the reasons are analyzed, the major reason for food waste is occurring during the Ramzan season. The urbanization process of these countries is also another reason for food scarcity which the country has been facing now. Scarce agricultural sources and increased standard of living style are other major issues for food scarcity in the countries of gulf cooperation.

Food waste is a challenging task ahead

Similar ecological conditions and the same socio-cultural conditions of the gulf countries have the same reasons for wasting food. The un-sustainable farming of Kuwait countries and constant depleting issues of aquifers are other reasons for food scarcity. Not only the above reasons are attributed to food waste in the gulf cooperation but consumers also play a vital role in wasting food. The Gulf countries have declared many affordable welfare policies to the people of the country. The people are enjoying the subsidized rates of food products. Hence, they do not find any tough challenge in purchasing food items at any place. As a result, they become lethargic wasting food items easily without any care about money. The thing that gets easily does not deserve the attention of others and in the same way, the food items are wasted – and often times, not even given to pets as a saving grace.

Most of the Saudi Arabian citizens spend most of their income on food items purchase. The frequent festivals and many celebrations in the houses of the consumers pave way for wasting food. During festival times, food is served to all visitors for enjoying the occasions. However, the importance of food is not understood by the visitors and hence many food items are wasted without being eaten. The awareness about various welfare and essential commodities are not known to citizens of Gulf countries. Wasteful practices of consumers are rising high in the countries and hence the issue occurs. The attitude towards eating practicing and food items are not present among the consumers in these countries. The situation gets better only if the awareness about food practices and waste minimizing technologies are taught to them.

What is the remedy measure taken?

In order to minimize food wastage by the citizens of countries of the gulf cooperation council, the researchers and policymakers of the country are striving their best to achieve the goals. The kingdom Ministry is making the best efforts to reduce food waste by effective food policy implementations. Food waste reduction initiatives of the government are put into action to ensure an exact result in the kingdom. A deep study is being made on reducing food waste by various researchers and well-wishers of the government. Based on the inputs of these studies, concrete and clever plans are initiated in gulf countries for minimizing food wastage.

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